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Anonymous asked: My husband and I have been married for 2 years. I am saved and he is not. He feels that being a believer was pushed on him from youth and is resentful about it. I have extreme social anxiety and have a hard time meeting people. I don’t have a church or nearby family… When an argument arises, my husband voices his hurt with an “if you don’t like something in our marriage, divorce me” mentality. Despite my efforts, he feels attacked and shuts down, refusing to listen. Please advise.

Unka Glen answered: I’m so sorry for what you’re going through, and I’m sorry for your struggles with it. Let’s face it, this isn’t something you can put up with forever. Having good quality fellowship is essential to your walk, and it’s important just for basic mental health.

The best way to get over an anxiety of meeting people is to start meeting people, and to keep meeting people until you don’t have any more anxiety. That is, giving in to anxiety FEEDS anxiety and makes it stronger. And since you need to make personal connections to strengthen your walk anyway, it’s time to find some fellowship.

Your husband’s position in this situation needs to be understood as well. On one hand, it’s unreasonable to say “if you don’t like something, divorce me”, because everyone in a marriage relationship knows they’re meant to improve and learn and grow and change for the better. 

But on the other hand, if you knew he was unsaved when you married him, and that he had religion pushed on him as a kid, and you’re, well, maybe not pushing this on him, but urgently insisting that he go with you to church because you have anxiety about going alone, then you can kind of see his point. 

The famous baseball coach Tommy Lasorda used to gather his players at the beginning of every season and tell them the same thing: “if we fight among ourselves, then it’s like a tug-of-war, we’ll pull against each other and get nowhere. But if we all pull together, it doesn’t matter who picks up the other end of that rope, we’re gonna win.”

What we have here is a need for everyone to get on the same end of the rope. Let’s try to figure out what we can all agree on. Having a spiritual life is a good thing, having it forced on you or suddenly required of you is not a good thing. He should pursue a spiritual journey that fits him, and you should make your spiritual needs your priority, not his. And so on.

If we pull together, we might just find ourselves on the same page and heading in the same direction. Hopefully his attitude will change dramatically once you adopt a more cooperative attitude. So often people are pulling on their end of the rope simply because someone else is pulling on the other end. 

"Giving your life to God is not about doing certain things to the extreme. It is about giving up control of all areas of your life- relationships, possessions, plans, hopes, dreams, fears, all of it- to God."


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"Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

-Deuteronomy 31:6

Let this poolhouse guru track use pounding drums and a soaring orchestra to plan these words in your heart and mind.

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 asked: Hey Unk! So I kinda have an interest in this guy and we get along so well… But he’s a Norse pagan! Like he doesn’t do wizard stuff, but he has done tarot and palm reading things. I want to reach out to him and help him see Christ, but how do I keep my feelings out of it?

Unka Glen answered: Must not make a Thor joke. Do NOT make a Thor joke. C’mon Glen, you’re better than this. This is a nice young lady and she has a serious concern, and she doesn’t need to hear your stupid Thor joke. Okay, deep breath…you can do this. 

Well, yes, it certainly sounds like you’re dealing with a tough situation, I hope we can… hammer out a solution! Huh? Am I right?

…I’m not a good person.

Anyway, I think you have two problems here. The first is the paganism and tarot cards and whatnot. Now here’s the thing, if people want to say that they are devoted to some sort of spiritual path in a very real and sincere way, well, who am I to question that?

However, I’m wondering if a significant amount of people, like this guy, turn away from Christianity like it’s an outer garment that they wouldn’t want to be seen wearing. I’m not talking about the teachings of Jesus, I mean, who really has a serious problem with Jesus and what He had to say?

As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” 

Maybe the appeal of paganism is that it seems mystical, yet earthy and real. Maybe people are looking for that spark of the fantastic and supernatural. But doesn’t a down-to-earth, miracle working, and supernatural power wielding Jesus at least compete with the likes of Gandalf, Dumbledore, and Yoda… or Odin, if that’s your thing?

Your guy may be turned off by dry, up-tight, check-me-out-I’m-better-than-you Christian social circles (and who could blame him), but you’re not selling him on other Christians, you’re selling him on Christ. Let him maybe discover Christ as a wise mystic with magical powers, pointing to a whole new life on a different plane of existence, one outside of time and space.

The second problem is is more simple, it’s that age old problem of trying to witness and date someone simultaneously that never really works, and often ends in disaster. Find a male friend who can maybe do some witnessing to your guy, and meanwhile keep your eyes open for someone who has all these great qualities AND who shares your faith.

You deserve nothing less.

SERIOUSLY: this is one of the smartest, coolest, and most amazing things I’ve ever heard. Watch it, and then watch it again. So good. 


The things you hear about Jesus become part of the mosaic of things you believe about Him, and yourself, so it is important to be picky about whose voices you listen to.

In this month’s BridgeBox intro video, Jed Brewer breaks that down for us.

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"Ministry begins with humility because ministry begins with credibility. If you’re not credible, if people don’t seen you as a man or woman of God, then you’re not ministering to anybody."

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Say That 113 is up!
What does Jesus want me to do with my money? How do I cope with the sexual frustration of being a single Christian? I disagree with what my youth pastor is preaching, how do I tell them that?
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Say That 113 is up!

What does Jesus want me to do with my money? How do I cope with the sexual frustration of being a single Christian? I disagree with what my youth pastor is preaching, how do I tell them that?

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Anonymous asked: So I met a guy online and we have been talking for a little over a month. He is a godly man and has all of the qualities that I am looking for in a boyfriend and/or husband. However, he lives 3.5 hours away which is too long for a day trip to just meet up. We had talked about him spending the night at my apartment and sleeping on the couch but he felt that was wrong, so we still haven’t met. But he wants to date me (and I, him). What do I do?


Unka Glen answered: Okay, first of all, let’s give props to your man for looking out for your reputation, and wanting to do things the right way. My man. Well done. 

And he is in fact on the right foot with this one. The biblical principle here is “do not let what you know is good be spoken of as evil” Romans (14:16). We’re meant to establish a good reputation and do our best to keep it.

Now, that doesn’t mean acting perfect when everyone knows you aren’t, and it doesn’t mean entertaining every odd assertion from every uptight Christian weirdo who wants to make you feel guilty for something you didn’t do, but it looks to them like you might be doing.

The idea is to do your best to act in such a way that a reasonable, mature, and normal person would be able to see you doing your best to live out your faith. 

But what about this budding romance? We can’t just throw it under the bus because it’s inconvenient! Love overcomes obstacles! It climbs every mountain, swims any ocean. Ya gotta let this guy know, if his arms and legs fell off,  you’d expect him to walk from there to here on his lips baby!

So let’s take this Christian community, and their prying eyes, and turn them from a problem, to the solution. Maybe you know some men from your church or fellowship group that would be willing to let your man crash on their couch for the night. 

This way everyone knows what your intent is, and if they turn you down, you can simply say, “well, he’s gonna sleep in his car outside my place then, and if you doubt it, you an stop by and press your snotty little nose to the window and see for yourself, but I don’t want to hear any funny talk after the fact, considering you weren’t willing to lend a hand!”

Either way, I’m happy for you both, and I know you’ll work out these details and start a big and wild adventure together.

"People often wonder: how do I react to this sin. The Bible says that when sin increases, grace increases all the more. So where we see sin (which is basically everywhere, including in the mirror), our instinct should be to point people towards the grace that’s available. If that’s not your instinct, then it’s not time for you to speak up yet."

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Anonymous asked: My boyfriend told me his first memory is being molested by his older brother when he was four. His brother was fourteen. He told his brother to stop, and told his parents what was happening, but it was never addressed, and it didn’t stop until his brother went away to college. He told me it sucks, but he doesn’t see it as something that effects him a lot now, and he’s just moved on. 

Now he’s 20 and his brother is 30 and they’ve never brought it up and he doesn’t feel the need to. I don’t know how to react or if I should worry or be shocked or let it go or what. Every time I’m around his family, I act normal but inside I’m SO angry that they didn’t protect him.

Unka Glen answered: Well, bringing all this up and re-hashing it will definitely make things worse before they get better, so if you have a chance to avoid that, why not take it? The only problem is, you’re not going to get that chance. And for the record, I think anger is a totally reasonable initial reaction.

When you’re single, it’s amazing the number of messed up ways of thinking and acting that go unnoticed. But once you get in a relationship, that other person is there to give you that surprised look, and a “where the heck did that come from?” reaction. 

Just by you being around each other, and sharing a different kind of love and intimacy with your boyfriend, you’ll probably both begin to notice things from your past that were actually very messed up, but that you had just decided to ignore. So let’s prepare for the possibility that this is something that will need to be addressed at some point.

To do that, we need to be clear on the nature of the problem. Yes, it’s normal for young kids to explore their bodies and sometimes that leads to an “experimental” phase with other kids. Caught in time, and with good boundaries set and explained, this need not be a life-altering experience. 

That’s not what happened here. 

You’re talking about a teenager, old enough to know right from wrong, who is making continuous unwanted sexual advances on someone much younger, and physically helpless, who doesn’t know what might be right or wrong about this activity. Your boyfriend’s brother has a very real sexual dysfunction, and this activity is illegal for a very good reason. 

But the parents reaction is in many ways much worse. If they thought this was a one-time misunderstanding, that’s one thing, but as a parent, if you hear a complaint from a child more than once, over time, then it’s time to make a very serious move to protect your younger child and find out where your older child developed this problem.

And I don’t even want to tell you my best guess on that.

For now, your boyfriend wants to forget it all and move on, but let’s ask ourselves what happens if you get married and have kids. Neither of you would be remotely comfortable having any of these people around your children, and eventually you’ll have to explain why.

You need to be prepared, and your boyfriend needs to be prepared for this conversation to take place. This is a profoundly wrong, evil, and dysfunctional way to act as a family, and nobody appears to be asking for any forgiveness.

Sooner or later it’s coming out, so it’s best for you both to take your time, talk through things, pray through them, and choose the best time to bring it up. Either way, I’m so sorry for the pain that this has caused, and may still be causing, and I’m praying for you both.

"So many live as a slave to money, to validation and acceptance. God didn’t set you free, just for you to submit yourself in slavery to something so small. If we serve anything, let it be to the awesome destiny for which God set you free."

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Awesome post from my man Lee Younger…


What if you were at a baseball game and all the players starting bending down on the ground to count blades of grass? What if everyone in the stadium started cheering on this strange sight as if they were watching something intense and exciting? What if you asked the person beside you what was going on and they said, “Well, obviously, the players are counting blades of grass. The first one to count 1,000 blades of grass wins a point for their team.” First of all, I realize the situation I’m describing sounds stupid and really boring, but what if something like that actually happened? What if all of a sudden, everyone at a baseball game started keeping score in the wrong way? What if the way they were keeping score didn’t make any sense? What if their measurements didn’t have anything to do with the point of baseball?

That is actually a pretty good description of the world you live in. Almost everyone you know has completely missed the point of life and as a result, they’re all keeping score in the wrong way, measuring something that really doesn’t matter at all. Most folks are determining their worth based on how much money they have, how they dress, what kind of grades they get, the status of their job, their looks or any number of other temporary, terrestrial and fleeting things. There are a couple of huge problems with the way we keep score. One is that we are eternal beings and all of those earthly measurements we use to compare ourselves to each other are going away very soon. Ten thousand years from now, it won’t matter what college you went to or what your annual income was on earth.The other glaring problem with this system is that God the Son died for you. Your worth is nothing less than the precious blood of God. No measurement could add or subtract from your limitless value.

The thing is, we’re all so short-sighted. We only see what’s right in front of us, which means we keep score using all the wrong math. That’s why we get so devastated when we fail at something. We think failing at a job or school or a sport or a relationship means that we are no good. We think it proves we have less value than others, but that’s not what failure means at all. The truth is, we have infinite worth because of Jesus’ death and failure is just something He uses to remind us of how much we need Him. Failure leads us to Jesus.

In John 21, Peter and his friends went out to catch fish, but they utterly failed. They didn’t catch a thing all night long. In the morning, the resurrected Jesus stood on the shore and encouraged them to drop their nets on the other side of the boat and when they did this, the nets were filled to the brim. In fact, Jesus had already caught other fish and was cooking them up for the guys’ breakfast. Failure didn’t make these guys less important or less valuable. Rather, their failure exposed their need for and dependence on Jesus. He provided more than enough fish. After breakfast, Jesus and Peter had a conversation that wasn’t about fish at all. It wasn’t about Peter’s failure or his business in any way. It was a conversation about the real point of life. Jesus looked this man in the eyes and said, “Do you love me?” When you know your worth is fixed and you embrace failure because it drives you into the arms of Jesus, you can be freed up to answer the only question that really matters - do you love Jesus?

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"You’re trying so hard to be something for God, that you fail to see what He’s trying to be for you. He’s trying to be the love you’re searching for, the one who meets every spiritual longing, the one who accepts you and receives you. Let God be the one He’s trying to be in your life."

- Unka Glen (


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Anonymous asked: Hi Glen, I got “saved” over a year ago and have since turned away from many of my former behaviors/vices. I am not religious at all, but I do love Jesus. I used to smoke weed but quit because of my anxiety and depression issues. Now since February, I smoke again without feeling weird or anxious, due to the joy and peace of God working through me constantly. But recently I felt as if God is disappointed upset at me. Your opinion?


Unka Glen answered: Why settle for the small, week, and all-too-fleeting pleasure of smoking up? If you’re getting peace from God, why settle for something so much less effective, and that has such little reward for such large risks? Why not look to God for all of it?

If God is disappointed about anything, it’s in how little we let Him help us.

Let’s be honest, weed smoking isn’t always about getting high. It’s more like participating in some kind of subculture. You ever notice how people who smoke up can’t wait to tell you about how they smoke up? But forget about the feeling of being a goody-two-shoes Christian, versus a weed-smoking “outlaw”, because labels are for objects, not people.

And let’s be honest, your ol’ Unka Glen has is own unruly past, and his own familiarity with Ms. Mary Jane, the Wacky Tobaccy, the Fatty Boombatty, etc. (and from my lingo, you may guess this was many, many years ago). But one thing I remember very well: it really wasn’t what you would call…amazing.

It was more like the kind of thing that bored people did to try and manufacture something interesting, and to try to create a positive emotional state. If you’ve dealt with depression and anxiety, the most important thing you’ve learned to is to deal with life on life’s terms, and to control your own emotions, rather than expecting relationships, or money, or sex, or even chemicals to “make” you happy.

If you’re looking at something that’s terrible for your health, bad for your brain chemistry, illegal in most places, and might increase your anxiousness and create a kind of paranoid nervousness…well, it’s hard to imagine anything that could be beneficial enough to be worth it. 

Yet going to the Lord for pure, real, uncut peace, which is available right now for free in unlimited quantities, brings only positive consequences along with the down-to-your-soul satisfaction. God is pleased to give you peace, you feel good from having it, and you become closer and more intimate with God, everybody wins.

We all need to ask ourselves, why to we kill ourselves to achieve and acquire and depend on things in the world, when they cannot begin to satisfy the longings of our soul? So much of what we call sin is just accepting a cheap substitute. So ask yourself, what’s stopping me from going to God to getting the real thing?