The One Thing I'd Tell 'Em - Jason / Going Unnoticed from Jed Brewer / M:USA Productions on Vimeo.

I work with men and women coming out of jail, and off the streets, and this is a video of Jason, a brother I’ve been discipling for a few months now. Jason is currently living in an inner-city drug rehab. The video was prepared for our BRIDGE service, a service where hand-picked pastors come, three at a time, to try and and convince our guys and gals to go to their church. During that service the pastors preach on a topic that was submitted anonymously by those attending the service.

This is the topic that was submitted, and I think many of you can relate— Going Unnoticed ”What do you do, when you’re trying your best and people seem like they just don’t care? You feel left out or locked out. No one really notices how you feel. What can a person do in that situation like that? Sometimes I don’t feel accepted by anyone. So what can I do?”

In our service, we have a short segment called The One Thing I’d Tell ‘Em, where some of the men and women we’ve discipled give their take on the topic. This is what God can do with a brother from this rough a background, think what more He can do with you.