ashmariie asked: TAG, you’re it! The rules are to state ten random facts about yourself. Then send this to the fifteen nicest people on tumblr.

Unka Glen answered: Generally I’d prefer this blog to be about YOU, but I suppose you do deserve to know what kind of dude is writing all this, so here goes:

1. I’m from Texas. This means that every woman, from my 3 year-old-neice, to my oldest Aunty, is either sweetheart, darlin’, or hon. When my wife asks me to do something for her I say, “yes ma’am”. I always take my hat off my head when speaking to a woman,and I’m prone to Texas sayings in my sermons. (“I’m not going to say our next door neighbor was heavy, bless her heart, but she was warm in winter and shady in summer”).

2. If you asked me to use one word to describe myself, I would choose: scoundrel. I would say I’m a scoundrel with a thin candy coating of sanctification.

3. I don’t like wearing pants. If you come to my house unannounced you will almost certainly find me in my boxers. I check the mail every day, even in Chicago winters, in my underwear… to my wife’s horror. My feeling is, if you don’t wanna see nothin’, don’t go lookin’ for nothin’!

4. During our wedding ceremony, my wife put the ring on the wrong finger. (I know!) I’ve been accused of holding out the wrong hand intentionally. (Can you imagine?) Nonetheless, as a result, she is married to me, but (technically) I am not married to her. I need to look that up to be sure, but I’m pretty sure that’s the law. You can’t argue with facts.

5. I make stuff. I made a set of golf clubs once. I made the digital clock that sits next to my desk. And the lamp I’m typing by. I figured out how to string a ukulele to be tuned like a mandolin (this involved WalMart fishing line), and with an electric pickup, volume and tone controls, I invented the world’s only Electric Mandolele. This may be the least cool invention ever…or the most cool…I’m not sure. I’ve also made my own custom fitted earbuds, they sound awesome, but they look very much like a pickled pig’s rectum.

6. I hosted a Christian radio program several years ago, and I got in trouble for saying, on the air, “today’s show is so good, it’s gonna give the devil a pants-down spankin’!.”

7. I have a gold tooth all the way in the back of my head. I lost the tooth after hitting the ground in a state of unconsciousness. A very large school bully was harassing a very small kid for being a Muslim, I stepped in (despite being pretty much the same size as the kid), and blamo! I didn’t actually like the kid much myself, and he never thanked me. I feel there’s a lesson in this story, but I have no idea what it might be.

8. I’ve preached at chapel services for the Chicago White Sox, and the Milwaukee Brewers.

9. I am a Christian, but I remain a work in progress. God’s not in a hurry with this work, and so neither am I. God and I are walkin’ and talkin’ and we’re intensely engaged in working things out. The natural by-product of this will certainly be a less sinful me, but it might take awhile. In this, God is patient with me, whether anyone else is or not.

10. I really, truly love writing this blog, and I really truly love YOU for reading it. Seriously. Almost all of these posts are queued to drop in the evenings, but the majority of them are written very late at night, after a long day of urban ministry. You have amazed me and inspired me. You’ve encouraged me, and pushed me to be my best, and when I realized my best wasn’t good enough, I had to go to God to get HIS best. You deserve nothing less. 

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