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jen-chanel asked: Thank you for your writing. I really enjoy your blog. What made you want to start your blog?

Unka Glen answered: Originally all this was a book. Two literary agents later, and some nibbles from publishers, but no real bites, and we were still at square one with that. But to be honest, the problem was me.

Agents and publishers kept pushing different book ideas, but none of it sounded like something I’d be interested in writing. And what’s more, I got the sense that none of those people really knew what people wanted to read. 

A lot of published authors don’t make any real money from their writing (they often make more from speaker’s fees), and since I was only writing to benefit our ministry, it all seemed like a big investment of time for no certain payoff. 

So in the end my wife convinced me to just put it all on here for free. That way people could read it and (hopefully) get blessed by it with no middle-man. Then if we provided a link (like the one you see at the bottom of this post) for people to support the ministry, ALL the financial resources would go to the ministry, without agents, publishers, distributors, promoters, and retailers taking their cut. 

The reason why I chose Tumblr for this blog is the ability to get feedback from your likes and reblogs. This meant that YOU could tell me what Christians want to read about, but can’t get anywhere else. Of all the many, many issues and topics you’ve asked me about, none of those previous suggestions from Christian publishers has ever come up. 

Go figure.

Anyway, what I’m saying is, by giving positive feedback like you’ve given me, you’ve made it possible for people like me to minister to you much more effectively, and with greater understanding. And for my part, I am so much happier to be writing this way. So thank you.

Episode 66 of the Say That podcast is up!
This week, we talk about how to listen to God about big decisions, talk about a possibly confusing part of 1 John 3, and talk about being a sexually frustrated young Christian.
Stream it for free, or subscribe on iTunes.

Episode 66 of the Say That podcast is up!

This week, we talk about how to listen to God about big decisions, talk about a possibly confusing part of 1 John 3, and talk about being a sexually frustrated young Christian.

Stream it for free, or subscribe on iTunes.

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I got a special request to re-post this little video recently…


We want to consume Christian culture without worrying about it. We want to enjoy that sense of safety. So we tell ourselves that it’s all been vetted, and it’s all good to eat.

Beloved, I hate to say it, but it is most definitely not all good to eat. Trust me, when you’re standing in a Christian bookstore, you aren’t looking at the most well-scrutinized, best of the best, creme de la creme spiritual gourmet food. You’re looking at what sells the most copies. And make no mistake, bad doctrine, legalism, and fear-mongering have always sold quite well.



From the April BridgeBox devotional

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Source: thebridgechicago

This is my video answer to Faded-Jeans question about having her phone stolen in church!

Other Unka Glen media here.

My promo for the new Lee Younger album. Check it out here.

This question came in from thedrcandme, and I thought it would be fun to do an audio answer to this question, so click play to hear the response.

Hey Unka Glen!
I’m doing my exams at the moment and a few questions come to mind. Firstly, can you ask God for intelligence? Secondly, what if God’s plan is actually for me to fail my exams, leave university and move to.. the forests..and evangelise? Or something crazy like that lol. And lastly… What if exams are just not your strength… can you ask God for exam talents.. i.e being able to write faster lol I never seem to have enough time! Looking forward to hear what you think :D
Wendy x

I’m trying out some audio answers, let me know what you think!

Other Unka Glen video here.

Unka Glen Video #1 from Mission:USA on Vimeo.

  • Question: My friends and I started admitting the other day that we like our Bible study time with each other, more than we like church. So someone said, "why don't we just start our own house church"? The thought kinda scared me, but I really loved it at the same time. Is this a bad idea, or what? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I think this is an awesome idea. Having said that, know that you’re asking a certain type of dude. I’m used to trying to do church by preaching chapel services everywhere from prisons, to professional sports teams locker rooms, to drug rehabs. And I’m gonna tell you something about all that: down at the jailhouse, we get more church to break out than most churches dare to dream of.

    So, cleaning out the ol’ hard drive of some of my old talks, I ran across this this little 2 minute story and I think it explains where I’m coming from:

    So yeah, I say go for it. Now, for sure, you want to look at being on-target doctrinally, and that’s worth working out. For sure having a time of worship is something you’ll want to develop, that’s key for pushing the reset button on the week. And the fellowship piece is already there, so no worries. What you’re probably worried about is the pastoral role. Here’s the thing on that, most churches have a preacher, not many have a pastor.

    By that I mean someone stands up and preaches, but the word “pastor” implies shepherding. If your pastor doesn’t know your first name, he’s probably not shepherding you. Now you might have someone else that’s acting as a spiritual mentor, or coach, or what have you, and that person is essentially pastoring you, which is fine. But being discipled, in this group or out of it, is really important. Make no mistake, many Christians have never had an individual work with them on a one-on-one basis over time to develop their walk. If you’re getting discipled, while worshipping and fellowshipping in a doctrinally sound environment, then you’re as legit as they come, and doing better than most.

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The Bridge: Through the Eyes of a Host Team from Jed Brewer / M:USA Productions on Vimeo.

You’ve been asking about our ministry, and I just remembered this short video we put together for people to serve as host teams (bringing food and greeting people) at our BRIDGE service, designed to plug ex-cons, addicts, and gang-bangers into the local church.

Anyway it’ll give you an idea of what the service looks like.